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Tattvabodha - 31

Hari Aum

Prostrations to Guru. Prostrations to All

Brahmaivaahamasmi ithi aparokshajnaanena niKhilakarmabandha vinirmukthah syaath

By the immediate knowledge (Aparoksha Jnaana) that "I am Brahman" one becomes free from bondages of all the karmas.

Previously Shankara explained about who is the Jivan Muktha. Here Shankara explains about how one can become a Jivan Muktha. Scriptures proclaim that there is only one existent entity, Brahman, which of the nature of Sat-Chit-Ananda. Brahman is the Supreme Cause of the world and the very substratum of the world. Whatever that is seen in the world as objects are nothing but Brahman only in name and form. When the name and form are removed there is only Brahman only. Jiva also essentially Brahman only, but because of ignorance of his very nature of Brahman, the thinks himself to be limited. Because of this thought of limitation there is a thought that he is imperfect. He sees the objects of the world as something different from himself and desires to possess the object thinking that on possessing the object he would be happy which would never end. Thus to satisfy his desire of possessing the object thereby to get the happiness he performs actions. Every action that is performed will yield a result which may be either happiness or sorrow. If the result is happiness, he would be happy with that possession of object till he desires for the next higher object and thus performs action to possess that. This desire-action-result continues on and on and the person even goes from birth to birth to enjoy the results and perform more action to satisfy the result. Thus he goes into more and more bondage.
Vidhyaranya tells in Panchadasi that
"te paraag darshanah pratyak tattva bodha vivarjitah
kurvate karma bhogaaya karma kartum cha bhunjate"

They see only external things and are devoid of the knowledge of their true inner nature. They perform actions for enjoyments and again they enjoy performing action.
The moola kaaranam for all the samsaaram is the ignorance of ones own nature of Anandam. There is only way out of this Samsaaram, knowing that "I am Brahman of the nature of Bliss only". When one gets this knowledge through the vedantic sadhana of Sravana, Manana and Nidhidhyaasana, he overcomes all the karmas and Karma Phalas. When one over comes the Karmas, then there is no Samsaaram and thus one always rejoices in the Eternal Bliss. This is the only way out of Samsaara, there is no other way.

Prostrations to All

Hari Aum


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