Wednesday, March 07, 2007


Tattvabodha - 25

Hari Aum

Prostrations to Guru. Prostrations to All.

thathah aakaashah samBhoothah
From that (Maya), Akasha is born

aakaashaad vaayuh
From Akasa, (came)Air.

From Air, (came) Fire

Thejasa aapah
From Fire, (came) water.

adhbyah priThivee
From water, (came) earth.

Before the creation of the world there were only two entities namely Brahman and Maya. Brahman is the Existent and Consciousness principle which is nirguna and which doesnt undergo any change. Maya is the power of Brahman which is a dependent entity, which is thirguna (sattva, rajas and tamas), and which undergoes change. Maya is the material through which the world is created. Therefore before the manifestation of the world, the world was present in potential form in Brahman even as before the manifestation of pot from clay, the pot was present in the potential form in the cause of clay. The pot is not something newly created but the evolution of pot is just the modification of the clay into a particular form, in the same way the world that was also present in its cause which is Maya and the evolution of the world is the modification of the Maya into name and form. Brahman is the substratum and Maya which is the dependent entity borrows the sentiency from Brahman for its existence.

The process of evolution happens in four levels. The first is the evolution of pancha sukshma bhoothas or 5 subtle elements which are space, air, fire, water and earth. From these pancha bhoothas, comes the sukshma bouthikas or subtle bodies. From the 5 sukshma bouthikas are born the pancha sthoola bhoothas and from that comes the sthoola bouthikas or gross body. Thus the evolution happens in four levels. From Maya first came the space. Space is the most subtlest element which has one only quality that of sound. From Space came the Air which has quality of sound and touch. From air came fire which has the quality of sound, touch and sight. From fire came the water, which has the quality of sound, touch, sight and taste. Finally from the water came the earth which has the qualities of sound, touch, sight and taste. After the evolution of these pancha bhoothas came the subtle bodies. We will the evolution of subtle bodies the next day.

Prostrations to All.

Hari Aum


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