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Tattvabodha - 16

Hari Aum

Prostrations to Guru. Prostrations to All.

Athaha Sushupthiavasthaa Kaa?
What is Sushupthi Avashta?

Aham Kimapi na jaanaami Sukkhaenamaya Nidranubhuyatha
Ithi Sushupthi Avasthaa

KaaranaSareerabimaani Atham Prajna Ithyuchathae

The state in which one doesn’t anything, in which there is only bliss during the sleep is the deep sleep state. The Self that identifies with the causal body is called Prajna

There are 3 states of experience which are Jagarat Avastha (Waking state), Swapna Avastha (Dream State) and Sushupthi Avastha (Deep sleep state). In the waking state, the Self identifies itself with the gross body. Therefore during the state all the three bodies are present. The experience of the objects of the world that are got by the contact of the organs of perception with the objects of the world forms impression the mind. This impression comes up as dream after the person sleeps. During dream state, there is no gross body but subtle body in the form of mind is present. The mind projects the dream world through the impression formed by the transaction with the external world during the waking state.
During the deep sleep state, there is neither gross body nor subtle body but there is causal body which is ignornace. When a person wakes up after a deep sleep says that "I dont know anything". All dualities are percieved by the mind and since the mind is not present in the state of deep sleep there is non-dual bliss, but still there is ignorance. Ignorance has 2 aspects one is the vieling power and other is the projecting power. During the deep sleep there is only vieling of the Self and there is no projection. All the sorrows and sufferings occur only because of the duality which are percieved by the mind, but since there are no duality as there is no mind in deep sleep state, one experiences only bliss in that state. The Self which identifies itself with the causal body is called Prajna.

The explanation of the three states of experience are over and Shankara then explains the Pancha kosa or five sheaths. We will learn about the pancha kosa the next day.

Prostrations to All.

Hari Aum


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