Friday, December 22, 2006


Tattvabodha - 5

Hari Aum

Prostrations to Guru. Prostrations to All.

Viraagaha kaha?
What is Dispassion?

Ihaswargabogashu Icharahithyam
The absence of desire for the enjoyment (of the fruit of one’s action) in this world as also in any other world.

Shankara mentioned the four-fold qualifications required for the seeker to apprehend the Reality very clearly and we learned the explanation of Guru for Discrimination. For the question of the Student on what is Discrimination, the Guru explained that Brahman alone is Real and all others are unreal. As per the scriptures, Brahman alone is Eternal which is not different from ones own nature of Self, hence it is not limited by anything, it is beyond all the space and time limitations. This is not the case with any of the objects of the world and hence any happiness that is got from the objects of the world is also limited. Therefore the seeker should discriminate and should withhold from engaging oneself with that which is temporary.

Any action in this world is done to get happiness by attaining something, either some object or position or fame etc. The action is influenced by the desire to attain the same. But since nothing in the world is permanent, though it seems that the possession is giving happiness, it will go out from the person at some point of time and hence that time it will give only sorrow. Therefore none of the worldly objects will give permanent happiness. Since Brahman alone is permanent which is not different from ones own nature of Self, it alone can give permanent happiness. Since all the worldly objects though seem to give happiness, later will give only sorrow, it is wise to desire for that which is permanent, i.e Brahman. Guru has already told his student that Brahman alone is Real and rest all are unreal. Thus when a seeker discriminates between the Permanent and Impermanent, the passion for the worldly objects will go away. The extroverted mind will naturally go out towards the worldly objects and therefore it is important that the seeker withhold the mind from going out knowing that the object cannot give permanent happiness. Though one may know that Brahman alone is real and rest all are unreal, it is not natural to withhold the mind from the unreal objects straightaway and hence the seeker may find it tough to get that vairagyam though it is known that the worldly objects are impermanent. Therefore disciplining oneself will help the seeker to get the vairagyam. Once a person gets the perfect dispassion knowing clearly that worldly objects are impermanent, his mind will be calm and hence will be able to apprehend the reality very clearly. We will learn the 6 disciplines starting from Shama in the next day.

Prostrations to All.

Hari Aum


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